As a Java Back End Engineer at Localcoin, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining functional and stable back end applications for our company, ensuring system consistency and availability. Working alongside the Engineering team, you should have an unyielding desire to learn and broaden your horizon along with contributing towards daily deliverables. You should be a team player, familiar with the Agile framework of delivery.


  • Work with our cryptocurrency ATM backend server which connects over 200 machines to the network
  • Create and improve compliance systems for cryptocurrency ATMs and online products such as: Know Your Client (KYC) identification verification software and fraud detection systems
  • Implement new features on the cryptocurrency ATM network such as: new cryptocurrency offerings, marketing campaign, user experience features and more
  • Streamlining the systems flow between multiple departments: sales, operations and marketing
  • Creating an internal cash audit system to reconcile cash in transit amounts
  • Collaborate to improve our existing analytics system which aggregates operational, sales and marketing data


  • 3+ years in backend development and strong knowledge in JAVA8 Programming language along with Maven or Gradle.
  • Experience with HTTP protocol and RESTful services using Spring - Boot, JPA, MVC and Security as the backend tier
  • Experience with functional testing, unit testing and code coverage
  • Proficient in SQL. DDL, DML, relational database design patterns and indexes, MYSQL or POSTGRES
  • Proficient on Git, Maven, Continuous Integration tools and Docker;


  • Expertise using Swagger and/or Postman tools
  • Experience on NodeJS and NPM management as well
  • Experience with AngularJS/Angular
  • Expertise on Python/PHP programming for web
  • Expertise on Linux platforms and Shell commands
  • Experience with Sonar and any CI
  • Good understanding of cloud environments like AWS
  • Good understanding private and public keys and its usage on communications like HTTPS protocol
  • Experience with database-migration tools such as Flyway
  • Experience with manual automation tools such as Integromat



Health & Wellness Benefits - We offer a comprehensive benefits package that covers up to 100% of traditional benefits such as dental, prescription drug coverage, vision care, critical illness coverage, life insurance and AD&D coverage. The plan also includes 100% coverage of unlimited personal and business travel insurance, on-demand online nurse assessments through Akira app. We offer a monthly spend on non-traditional medical expenses (massages, chiropractic) and a wellness account (gym memberships, spa, nutritionist).

Location - Localcoin is committed to ensuring that the team and areas we live in remain safe and healthy as the impact of COVID-19 is felt globally. The corporate team here has transitioned to a remote work set-up for the time being and have temporarily closed our head office until further notice. For essential staff in operations we work from our warehouse located close to Pearson Airport.

Events and Socials - Being remote hasn't slowed us down! Attend virtual company-wide teach and training days, industry events, themed monthly Fri-YAY happy hours, bi-weekly virtual team events like escape rooms, magic show, nutritionist lunch and learn series, coffee tastings and more!

Professional Development - We’ll invest in your career. Our company is growing quickly, and we’ll give you the opportunity to do the same. You’ll have access to a number of professional development opportunities so that you can keep up with the company’s evolving needs and grow your career along the way.

Compensation - We offer competitive compensation packages. We deeply value the talent and impact our team brings to the table, and believe that fair and equitable total compensation packages are part of our commitment to everyone who works here.

Purchase Cryptocurrency At Market Rate - You’ll be able to purchase cryptocurrencies supported by Localcoin at the Canadian market rate with zero fees. You’ll also gain exclusive coupons for all of our cryptocurrency ATMs nationwide!



Localcoin is Canada's largest and most trusted cryptocurrency ATM network. We're on a mission to simplify the buying and selling process of cryptocurrency by providing transparency, accessibility and convenience.

With over 17 million people using Localcoin products, we pride ourselves on simplifying the highly technical (and at times confusing) crypto world through our industry leading customer support. Our ATMs, trading and online products help educate people on blockchain and cryptocurrencies by providing a safe and low cost avenue to gain a deep understanding of the basics: how to own and operate a digital wallet, how the blockchain network operates and how verifying a transaction works.

We are industry leaders
in Canada and growing fast across the US with an eagerness to expand globally. Our team is working together to constantly innovate and build products that provide equal access of cryptocurrencies around the globe. Approximately 2 billion people in different communities worldwide are still unbanked. We believe that by providing an accessible product, we can help facilitate digital payments to these individuals and local communities.

Localcoin has been growing at an incredible rate over the last 3 years. We're looking for talented people that are eager to collaborate, innovate and make a huge impact in the future of digital currency!